Tuesday, May 27, 2008


If you have ever driven down to Agumbe from Shimoga, chances are you would watch the sunset and drive back. While driving to Agumbe, there is this place called Guddekere. From there, a turn to the right leads to Kundadri hill which is 8 km from Guddekere . That’s what I did, on my way to Agumbe. Took a right to Kundadri, which is an adventurous place for trekking lovers. Surrounded by dense evergreen forests, it is a lovely place for trekking. This hill is a gigantic monolithic rock. One can reach the hill top by good asphalted road and also trek from base to the top of the hill. The walk up the hill using the shortcut route is a great experience .If you drive to the hill, after the parking lot, one need to use the stone-paved path that leads to the top. Atop this hill, is a `Jain Basthi’ (Jain settlement) which is said to be of 17th century and next to which are three ponds. Kundadri is named after a Jain Monk Kundakundacharya.

Kundadri, surrounded by lush green provides a picturesque scene of both sun rise and sun set. On a sunny day, you will find the horizon glittering, Guess what the glitter: The Arabian sea at Udupi! One can also camp near Basthi and camping in the open at this hill top on a full moon night is an exhilarating experience. On a full moon night one can experience sun rise and moon set at the same time.From the hill top you can see the twists and turns of the Thirthahalli-Agumbe road.
One can reach Kundadri :
By road : From Bangalore, one has to take the National Highway NH-206 to reach Shimoga and then take NH-13 (Thirthahalli road) to reach Thirthahalli. From Thirthahalli take the Shimoga Udupi road and at Guddekere, take right to reach Kundadribetta.
By rail :The nearest railway station is in Shimoga. Numerous trains run from Bangalore ,Mysore and Hubli to Shimoga.

By air : The nearest airport is in Managalore and is 190 Kms from Thirthahalli.
Accommodation : one can pitch tents at the top of the hill and stay overnight or can stay at Agumbe too.


sreedhar said...


Wonderful Snaps. I love malnad region. I would like to get more details from you. R u from blore?


gladson said...

hello, its so nice to find a blog on malnad. i now live in germany. but the moment i hear something about malnad, i stand on peak. malenadu, my mother land. i am child of mandagadde, which is a part of your 'unpolluted land.' a wonderful expression. thank you for posting these pictures. are you still blogging? wish you good luck...
Gladson Jathanna, Göttingen, Germany

nenapina sanchy inda said...

Yes that our teerthahalli.
can i add ur blog to my list?
The pictures are excellent.
thank you
malathi S

Raghav said...

Hi meenal,
The posts about malnad is just amazing. I don't see any posts after 2008. Hope to see more from you...

Meenal said...

Hey Raghav,

Thanks for the comment !! Very motivating.. Need to make some time n start re blogging !!

Raghav said...

Good to know that... By the way, i wrote a blog recently about BR project's lakkavalli dam. I didn't write anything but added few pictures. I have referred to your post for more details abt this dam. I hope you don't mind. Below is my blog.


Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos.
Loved your blog.
Why did you stop blogging...
Would love it if you restart blogging...
Do drop by my blog too sometime...
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