Thursday, July 5, 2007

Malnad , The Unspoilled Beauty

The very soul of my below writing and further writing on the places in and around Malnad is bound up with the ambience of my childhood and intense memories embodied in the surroundings of Malnad.This is an attempt to make people aware of the depleting beauty of this region.
Malenadu means in Hilly region. Male means Hill and Nadu means Region.Malnad covers portions of Shimoga , Chickmagalur, uttara Kannada and Hassan districts. It's a land of panoramic natural scene with crops like Areca nut, Coffee, Variety of Spices from pepper to Cardamom , and Beetle leaf. The forests are rich with precious trees like sandal, rose wood and teak. The sandalwood is the best of its kind in the whole world as its fragrance has a special quality and the oil extracted is used in sandal soaps, which is famous even now ( Mysore Sandal Soap ) :D.This region is also birth place for many rivers like Tunga,Bhadra,Sharavathi,Netravathi.

Malnad weather is wonderful through out the year and best in monsoon. One can See summer , Monsoon and winter in this region. During summer , the days are bit warm and nights are cool from April to may. During Monsoon , from June to August , it's raining continuously and receives an average rainfall of 1000 to 3800mm annualy.It's the finest time to experience Malnad Rain which never stops once started. Trekking during the monsoon has a special charm which no other season can provide and this region is heaven for trekkers, nature lovers. Winters are quite cold from October to January.
Being in this place is a retreat where one can discover almighty's creative talents at his very best. One can let the world drift away as one enjoys the exotic surroundings, spectacular mountains, sanctuaries of Seclusion ,lush green coffee plantation, unspoiled wilderness, gushing streams, surging waterfalls, breath-taking sunsets , a truly mesmerizing landscape. The air here is so pure and unpolluted with fragrance of Coffe,pepper,Cardamom and wide variety of flowers which are unique to this region. Numerous waterfalls drop over the mountain walls and hill sides. Rushing streams flood into rivers. Warm weather and heavy rains are ideal for the abundant growth of tropical vegetation which covers the country with thick forests. The monsoon brings greenery all around. Even an ordinary hill walk is a pleasure during the rainy season.

Plenty is there to write about this region and is famous not only for its natural beauty but also for its people, their custom etc. about which the narration will be made in my coming posts.

Hoguvenu Na, Hoguvenu Na,
Nanna Olumeya Goodige
Maleya Nadige,
Maleya Beedige
Siriya Cheluvina Roodige

Taken from Kuvempu's work…...


Vidhya Rajesh said...

Nice blog and nice post. BTW what does Alemari mean?

Meenal said...

Alemari in Kannada means a Nomad..

@ri said...

aah... wanted to ask the same Q as ur frnd... got the answer. :)

BTW where's that Chembera Hill? Is it in Malnad too?